How to be a succesful event manager

How to be a successful event manager

The thing about events is that it may appear that everyone is capable of planning and executing an event. To a certain extent that is true. The events industry is not only accessible, but it is also relatively easy to get in and quickly obtain responsibility.

I believe that there is a clear division between amateurs or those casually working in events, and successful event managers or planners. There are a few characteristics that inevitably single out a professional. I refer to these attributes as the 3 C’s (I admit that they are not original but are easy to remember) :


Both internal and external. To me, this is the most important characteristic of all. You are paid to maintain control of the event for those who are unable to do so. This is the responsibility of the event manager. Under this category, I would also include the ability to make things look great. This is control. It takes years to build the skill to remain calm when your surroundings are in chaos. Which happens pretty much all the time during an event. I do not think this comes with one’s personality; rather, it is learned in time.


This is the basis for control, but once again, I am not referring to personality traits. The successful event manager has innate charisma. More specifically, I would like to focus on their ability to determine what is right and convince 3000 people of it. Again such confidence and ability to communicate comes with experience and scientific trial and error.

A charismatic person is able to transmit a sense of immediate security to the client as well as the attendees. In times of a crisis, which often happens in events, only a handful of people are able to manage the situation confidently. To me, that is because they’ve been frustrated many times before. These successful people are now capable of managing their frustration and others’ with confidence because they know what is required at a certain time.

Only charismatic people are capable of delivering bad news or saying no to clients and still make them feel at ease. Absurdly low budgets are becoming a reality in events, as much as expectations from clients are growing. Sometimes charismatic event managers are capable of filling the holes resulting from tight budgets.


Events quickly skim the potential audience singling out interested participants, which will ultimately attend. These people will come to your event with one purpose, the ability to understand that purpose is not a common skill.

An event is an expression of the collective unconscious. Several hundreds of souls get together all united by one interest, sharing the same ancestral experience of the man. The ability of the successful event manager is to connect with participants and understand the underlying dynamic moving these people. Most of the times this unconscious need is shared by everyone, and you will find yourself looked at in the same way or asked the same question.

In conclusion

These 3 C’s are not an argument in favour of experience against education. In fact, I am convinced that an attentive culture of marketing, psychology and business could suggest my conclusions. I stress experiments and trial and error as the best way to thoroughly understand how to become successful.

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